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    At least they would for the children of Langa Township in Cape Town.
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    With a board you can move or change a lot
  • "outlangish"

    A Documentary about the project.

..::: Outlangish :::..

The idea of a skateboard project in Langa,
a Township in Capetown

About the project

In Summer 2010 an idea about a skate board project in Langa Township, about 15km away from Cape Town came to light. In 2012 the project was given a name that would define the idea and give the project sense and a much more brighter and clearer light. "Langa", which means Sun, which is also the name of the area were these children come from; had to be significant in the name of this project.

The word "Langa" was not enough to give it a touch of funkiness and make it sound catchy, till another word which would be the perfect match was found, that word was "outlandish". The word "outlandish" means something unfamiliar or unusual. Born out of this combination was the word "outLANGish", which basically says "something new under the sun"

The Idea ...

... is to offer the kids a sport that will give them a sense of happiness and togetherness and one that will keep them in positive spirits. Skating is a sport that unifies young people. A sport that gives them the opportunity to learn a lot about themselves and their environment.

Some more Pictures ...

... of Langa and skateboarding

..::: News :::..

African Picnic in Schwäbisch Hall

Ubuntu traditionell für Menschlichkeit?  Der Afrika Tag mit dem  Schwerpunkt "Für einander da sein" steht dieses Jahr unter dem Zeichen von Ubuntu.  Ubuntu bedeutet in der Xhosa-Sprache im traditionellen Sinne Menschlichkeit. In guten wie in schweren Zeiten wird damit Verbundenheit und Gemeinschaft ausgedrückt.   Das Konzept ist ein Menschen Fest,  welches ein abwechslungsreiches Programm bietet, besteht aus Begegnung, Informationen austauschen, einem Kinderprogramm mit afrikanische Märchen, Kindertrommel, Schminken, Capoeira. Ein Bunter Basar, Bunte Stoffe, farbenfrohe Masken, glitzernder Schmuck - ein lebendiges abwechslungsreiches Ambiente. Ebenso Speisen aus verschiedenen afrikanischen Ländern. Neben der afrikanischen Küche gibt es auch ein großes Angebot an Getränken von Bier und leckeren Wein aus Südafrika. 

Mehr Infos auf der Website www.africanpicnic.com

..::: Documentary :::..

Outlangish –
Skateboarding Against Poverty

With this documentary film, we are strongly waving and screaming out to the rest of the world, to see what we are trying to do achieve, especially to all the skaters across the world. We want to make sure that this project gets as much publicity as possible. Please pass it on and on and on.

Donate something if you can!

..::: Langa :::..

Sunrise in Cape Town

The name Langa means sun, but originally the name was taken from Langalibalele a chief of the Amahlubi, a bantu tribe. He was one of the first Activists against colonialism and was locked up in Robben Island in the late 19th century.

Langa is the oldest township in Cape town, it was founded in 1923 under the urban areas act. A law that forced Natives to be situated in unpleasant areas around capetown. Areas like Ndabeni and district six where people lived a healthy community life, were taken to worser conditions and away from their homes and families were destroyed. Townships like Nyanga and Soweto (Johannesburg) came about through the similar procedures.

A lot of people think of shacks, poverty and crime when they hear of a south african township. Yes it is true, but its not only that. If you would visit a Township right now, you would be surprised at the amount of hapiness there is. Even with less infrusture and money, people here celebrate and make the best out of life. The children play outside and everyone dances to the sounds of Kwaito music (the newly invented tradional street sound of the 90′s), to Iscathamiya(south african folk music), to Soul, House, Reggae, Hiphop, Afro-jazz and other types of music. Even the people who are selling food on the side of the streets have a smile on their faces.

For more Information about Langa and its history click here

Where exactly is Langa?

..::: Support :::..

Do you have a skateboard that you don't need anymore?

If so you can donate a small amount to the youth skateculture in Capetown, South Africa. Your help will give the kids there new perspective and self-confidence.

Please send the boards to this adress:

Mthunzi Fesi
Bahnhofstraße 15
74523 Schwäbisch Hall

Financial support:

skate-aid e.V. München
Kto. 55 17 39
BLZ 400 501 50
Sparkasse Münsterland Ost
Verwendzungszweck: Spende skate-aid
IBAN: DE57 400 501 50 0000 55 17 39
Gläubiger ID: DE90ZZZ00001002590

Financial support for people in South Africa:

Name: Sisonke property Ltd
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa Ltd
Branch Code: 020909
Branch name: Thibault Square
Type of account: Bussiness Current
Acc: Nr.060557222

Thank you very much for your support

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